One day trip to Bath

If you’re looking for the perfect destination to spend a lovely day in the county of Somerset, Bath is your answer. Fall in love with Bath is easy, a unique city combining vibrant contemporary culture with a rich history and heritage.

One day is more than sufficient to visit and of course you can then decide how much you want to stretch that by in order to spend longer in some places. you can opt for bus tour, walk round, 2 hours in the Roman Bath, lunch and an evening meal – all to fit in one day.

So if you’re wondering what you can see and do within a quick 24 hours in Bath then read some of our ideas including what you should see and where to stop for a nice cake, coffee and lunch.

The Roman Baths

This is where you can see the Ancient Roman baths after which the city is named. Have to say that I was impressed by the Architecture (I know I’m Italian, but I’ve always been fascinated by the Roman History and this is a real authentic gem in the middle of this gorgeous city).

You will have the chance of wearing Roman customes, and I took this chance without even thinking twice.

Bath Abbey

After the magical experience with the Roman Baths, we decided to head over Bath Abbey and enjoy the beauty of this place.

There is no admission charge, but donations are appreciated (Suggested donations are £4 per adult). It is open to visitors the Summer with the following times: Monday to Saturday 9 am – 6pm, Sunday 1pm – 2.30pm & 4.30pm – 5.30pm pm.

In Winter, open Monday to Saturday from 9am – 4.30pm, Sunday 1pm – 2.30pm & 4.30pm – 5.30pm.

Mokoko Coffee, 6 Abbey Churchyard, Avon

Ensure you head to Mokoko Coffee, which is literally in the same street as Bath Abbey (2 min walk). Their coffee and vegan cakes are something you need to experience, especially with the beautiful view it offers, with its outside seats.

Royal Crescent

We then head over to Royal Crescent, a row of 30 terraced houses laid out in a semi-ellipse that was built in the mid 18th century and overlooks a well manicured park. Really weird as I felt I was back in Edinburgh, the area close to St Mary’s church.

This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a brilliant example of the Georgian architecture that you will find throughout this part of Bath. And yes sorry for the cheeky touristic pose! 😊

Spend a couple of hours looking round the city and shops

We recommend a visit to Milsom Street. This place has lots of stores and restaurants under cover. Another historic shopping alternative is Bartlett Street. This is where you’ll find the Bartlett Street Antiques Centre, full of antique gems to discover.

Milson Place, Bath. Credit: (c) Bath Tourism Plus / Colin Hawkins

Bath Street is also a good place to admire the architecture while you shop. Ah and watch out for Mr B’s Emporium of Reading Delights, worth a look if you’re a book lover – as it’s an award winning independent bookshop.

Tasty lunch at Smash Burger

To conclude our lovely day we went to Smash Burger, the classic beef burger was absolutely amazing probably one of the softest best cooked I ever had. Also liked the idea of unlimited drinks using the cup provided and using the self service machine. Maybe not somewhere really for a special dinner but definitely somewhere to grab a tasty lunch.

I really hope you liked this short experience. Both my husband and I love Bath and cannot wait to be back there, especially after these crazy times due to the pandemic.

Feel free to contact me on instagram if you need further info.


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