A special gift for your little one by Jaques London

Are you looking for a perfect toy… I think you’re in the right place.

Like most parents, I am looking for the perfect gift to add to Sophie’s collection. I have to be honest I became minimalist during the years and I like to have wooden essential and educational toys. I just personally prefer getting Sophie wooden toys because I feel that they last better and they attract her more to play. There’s something magical in these toys.

*Fun Fact* Jaques London has been inventing and making toys & games since 1795, and this family business believes in the power of play and quality family time spent together. The quality is not only represented by their toys but also the beauty of their packages: a pure joy under your Christmas tree.

Jaques London is a brand that focus on making toys and games that will bring joy to families and these encourage less screen time and design fun toys with an educational focus. These are fundamental aspects I look for when choosing items for Sophie. They very kindly asked Sophie to choose two toys/activities.

I showed Sophie the selection that the team had sent over and she fall in love with lots of toys. She’s in love with music at the moment and her first pick was this beautiful Kids Xylophone. This Montessori style toy – Musical toys boast a vast array of educational benefits: it helps to improve our little ones fine motor skills by practicing precise hand movements to move the mallet onto the correct notes. It’s also the perfect way for a child to associate notes with colour, due to the bright and vibrant multicoloured keys.

The multicoloured keys of the xylophone are labelled with the musical notes as letters, allowing children to hit the correct notes more easily. Moreover, the labelled keys correspond with our complimentary music sheet and is a funny activity for both little ones and adults.

Sophie’s second choice is an evergreen and somehting that I’m sure will bring your memories back: a colourful wooden abacus. Sophie is 4 yo as I mentioned above and she loves to count numbers and everything that is colourful is always a bonus.

It is beautifully designed with 10 rows of wooden beads. There are 10 beads in each rows. They are solid wood and covered in non-toxic paint for safe play. You can tell its premium quality!

They arrived in less than a week and the packaging is beautiful – you actually don’t need any wrapping paper as the boxes are a little piece of art and they have a lovely black elegant ribbon. Inside the box you’ll find a lovely vintage paper and a card telling you the name of the person who wrapped your gift – such a cute final touch.

We’ll definetely buy more toys from Jaques London... nothing better than a Montessory activity for Christmas.

Disclaimer: Jaques London very kindly gifted us these 2 items, but all opinions included are my own and I chose to collaborate because of the quality of the products.


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