How to Dress Well on a Budget: a mum’s guide

When you see cool outfits on Instagram we always assume that they must be expensive or out your month’s budget. After buying this lovely white jumper and receiving so many compliments for different outfit I put together in the past months (when my financial situation wasn’t particularly shining I thought “Ehi why not share my tips with other people in the same boat?!”).That’s why I put together this brief article to give you ideas on how to dress to impress while on a budget. Oh, forgot to mention, the jumper was only £3 from Primark and the material is so soft.

  1. Visit local shops

I always and cannot stress this enough, go physically to a shop and browse in the hidden isles where the sales signs are up 🙂 These are the perfect spots where you can find lovely pieces. But remember to go there with something specific in mind and not just an additional piece to put in your wardrobe. I cannot tell you how many times I went to Primark and found £1 cotton tops or £ jumpers or even a £2 blue bag (that looks very similar to a famous dupe here’s the reel if tog fancy a look). So the key is to go there physically because online we don’t often see the real juicy sales.

2. Focus on your real needs first

When you go shopping, it’s so easy to lose track of our shopping goal especially when you see something we really like or people around us shopping. When shopping around, don’t dwell on the items you don’t need. Sometimes it can be difficult and this is why I go physically but also occasionally to shops. I have to say that I also learned how to retrain myself from impulsive buying and this also thanks to really helpful readings online; Buying stuff you don’t need usually results in the onset of a healthy dose of buyer’s remorse, and you’re likely to end up returning the shoes or dress anyway. Save yourself the time, effort and mental strain of giving in to your unnecessary desires, and stick with the plan when shopping.

3. Always make that extra effort to Try it On before buying “it”

Primark £4 sweatshirt (perfect for everyday styles and play dates)

When choosing a new outfit, it’s fun to look at the clothes on the rack and imagine yourself modeling and maybe take a couple of pics for Instagram. That’s why change rooms are so important and if you’re in a hurry, don’t buy a hurry, take the time to try it on instead. You might find that the outfit you loved in the store window looks different when you try it on in the change room. Avoid wasting money on gas to drive back to the shop to return that dress or pair of jeans and try it on before you buy.

I cannot tell you the amount of times I had to plan to go back to a specific shop to return something, wasting time and getting stress and coming out with even more things (*guilty mood on*).

Keep factors in mind like the cut of the clothing, textures, and colors, as well as patterns and questions like “Am I really gonna wear this?” and “How many outfit/occasion can I picture with this”?. When I go shopping I always keep in mind that neutral colors like white, grey, and navy are easy to pair with almost any other color.

These were only 3 of the tips of my mini guide to “survive” to the fashion world and keep you motivated and more responsible in your shopping path. May the savings & style be with you;

Don’t forget to share with me your styles on a budget on Instagram and tag my page The Sara Edition (Happy to re share your bargains) using the hashtag #savingstyleonabudget

love you, Sara.


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