3 signs of a toxic workplace

Credit Photo Source: The Mom Project https://community.themomproject.com/the-study/how-to-address-a-toxic-work-environment

As you probably start to know me from my Youtube channel or Instagram, I like to talk about topics I care or that play a vital part in my life. So here I am, talking about toxic workplace signs and how to recognize them. In fact, I have recently left a company who was the perfect example and was leading me to doubt myself and even making excuses for really abusive behaviors.

I think it’s safe to say that nearly of all us have some idea of what a toxic environment may look like.

  1. Everyone is low – spirited

If there is a constant sense of dejection, negativity and bad habits like heavy gossiping around the office, this is a clear sign of a toxic environment. I’ve notices that this usually happens where employees don’t have job security or they feel underappreciated or overworked. This lead to verbal fights, chatting behind other employees’ backs and lots of bully behaviors. What I found helpful was to check with other employees, by asking how they are feeling. In fact they might echo and share the same experiences and feelings as yours and you’ll finally realize that you’re not crazy and something was really going on in the company.

Whatever the situation is, it is important to remember that is important to treat everyone with respect and dignity.

2. There’s no or very little progression

I’ve learnt that when an organization don’t invest in developing and encouraging the growth of their employees, this is a red flag. It’s always a lesson, and what I always do in my case is to check during the interview stage or on the job description if there is the possibility to develop and learning as part of your job. It is not a secret that workplaces that do not have these opportunities for their employees tend to have a higher staff turnover rate.

3. There is constant confusion and manager don’t know how to manage

What I experienced and seen in my situation is that lack of direction and operations lead to a sense of confusion and insecurity. Lots of unnecessary meetings and discussions. More than everything else poor leadership and directions led to a sense of disengagement and employees look visible lost, not knowing what the processes are and what they have to do. Your role should be clearly defined in your job description and you should receive support and training especially for entry levels or jobs where you don’t have lots of experience. Try to keep a note of what your tasks are everyday to see how it stands up against your day to day experience.

Happiness is a formation of our habits and work plays such an important role in our life that I felt like there’s no time to waste in a toxic environment and it is extremely important to recognize all the signs of a toxic environment.


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