Free beach at Frosts Garden Centre, Willington, Bedfordshire

Ok, we’ve literally discover our new favourite place and also daddy loved it. Here at the Frosts garden you can find this lovely large sandpit called “The Beach”. Don’t worry if you forget toys and “tools” because they provide looooots of buckets and spades. There are also quite a few colourful Little Tikes cars for your little one to drive around. In addition to that there are also some soft play shapes to sit on or even to try to carry around, like my little one tried to do without success (not sure why but She always tries to carry heavy things around.. Ooohm) The nice thing is that all activities are free without need of booking.

There are several picnic benches around, where you can enjoy a coffee like me in the picture. And there is also a mini golf area. Basically everything you need to have a lovely day with your kids. The kiosk is lovely too and prices are good. I would definitely recommend to visit (when it’s not raining or perhaps a bit chilled).

I will post down below other pictures of our lovely family day at Frosts Garden centre.


WREST PARK | English Heritage

Visiting Wrest Park in Silsoe, Bedfordshire


Being members of the English Heritage we try to visit as many historical attractions as possible and one that we love the most is the beautiful Wrest Park, an elegant mix of English, Italian, French and Dutch design.

We usually parked inside the walled garden. You can also decide to go for a free walk just outside the park, since you will have to pay only for entering to the actual house. In fact a lot of people living nearby usually go there for enjoying a lovely coffee and pastry at the coffee at the entrance and sitting in front of the playground area.


Sophie, my daughter, loves the play area. It had a lot of different wooden climbing and play structures, horses as well as a zip line and swings. As I mention, the play area is just in front of the cafe and you can have also a sit on one of the different benches. The cafe offers a basic selection of hot and cold drinks (don’t expect anything fency) and lovely toddler food goodiebags, which is handy if you forgot to bring something to eat for your little one and you would like to improvise a picnic.


The entrance to the estate is through the cafe. The house and garden are stunning. I am sure you will love as well. You will also notice if you’ll decide to visit this site that the pathways are made from a sandy material, which appears quite orange in colour. I realise it especially after having another look at my photos.


It is such a lovely experience to visit Wrest Park, and I think this is one of our favourite place where our little one can improve her walking skills and experience nature. I am a very apprensive mum and I don’t like to let her walk in town or in overcrowded areas and it is just a relief to let her go free without worring to much. The pathways are so wide and it is just a family friendly environment, as most English Heritage gardens are.


As a mum I think that useful things to know about this place are:

  • Address – Silsoe, Bedfordshire, MK45 4HR
  • There are only toilets at the entrance (aka if you just arrived and your little one and hubby need a pit stop you will know where to stop)
  • There is a Wrest Park guidebook that you can buy at the entrance £5.50
  •  Free tours: They cover one of a variety of routes which take in the delights of both the Upper and Great Gardens or one of our popular tree tour routes. Start at 1.30pm every Tuesday and Thursday. The tour will last approximately 45 minutes. From 1 June 2019, tours will also run on Saturday and Sunday at 2pm.
  • Free entry for up to six children accompanied by an adult member (under 18 years and within the family group).
  • Entry costs £12.70 with gift aid for adults, children over the age of 5 are £6.90 with under 5s being free.
  • More information including what is on during school holidays can be found on their website


Do you have any favourite English Heritage sites? I would love to hear your comments down below and if you would like to know more about me and our journey as an Italian/English family discoveries just follow me on @unamammainuk 

With Love,


Babyled spreads 100% Natural Weaning Spreads


Hello mums,

I’m an Italian mum and having to deal with my daughter diet is kind of a problem sometimes because I’d like to use the fresh products that I’d find in my country and that remind me my childhood.

When BabyLed food told me that they wanted a collaboration I was over the moon because their spreads are not just for babies but they are also a perfect healthy food for toddlers. I put a lot of attention in what I give to Sophie since She’s been through a lot since She’s born and as a caring mum I want to give her the best.


If you visit their website, you can see that Baby led Spreads formulate a range of products that are ideal for spreading on toast, sweet sandwich or perfect to mix with natural yoghurt or rice pudding. They have six recipes to offer:

  • Apple & pumpkin
  • Strawberry
  • Raspberry & beetroot
  • Tagy blueberry
  • Rhubarb & fig
  • Mango & apricot


Our experience

As soon as I received my delivery of Baby led spreads, I offered Sophie the strawberry one on toast and She loved it.  I tasted the other flavours myself, and I was surprised!

The jars are Adorable and these spreads are perfect, whether you choose Baby Led Weaning or a traditional method.

I would definetely recommend them.

*Disclaimer: this is a collaborate post.  We were gifted some baby led spreads in exchange of an honest review.  All thoughts are my own*



Brownies al cioccolato e fragole

Devo dire che in cucina mi reputo un pò una cuoca pasticciona, ma ci sono due o te ricette che mi fanno brillare nell’astro delle pasticcere casalinghe. Ed una delle ricette che mi viene meglio è proprio quella che vi propongo oggi: il brownies al cioccolato e fragole.

La ricetta è mooolto semplice e vi porteraà via 30 minuti e tanta soddisfazione.

Io personalemente li utilizzo a volte per la colazione, merenda o quando abbiamo ospiti all’ultimo secondo.

58383704_374408356504199_8040819849225568256_n (1)


  • 80 g di farina 00
  • 20 g di cacao amaro
  • 150 g di zucchero semolato ( aumentate a 170-180 g se preferite più dolci)
  • 135g di burro
  • 1 puntina di lievito per dolci
  • 3 uova medie
  • 180 g di cioccolato fondente
  • 1 pizzico di sale
  • 1 cucchiaino di estratto di vaniglia
  • 4 fragole


  1. Mettete in un pentolino il cioccolato tritato a pezzettini insieme al burro (a fiamma bassa). Spegnete e poi aggiungete il cacao amaro.
  2. Prendete una ciotola ed aggiungete l’estratto di vaniglia, le uova e lo zucchero semolato. Mescolare con le fruste elettriche a bassa velocità, fino a mescolare il composto.
  3. A questo punto aggiungete la farina ed il lievito, mescolate con lo sbattitore fino ad ottenere un composto omogeneo.
  4. Con la carta da forno rivestite una tortiera quadrata ( io utilizzo solitamente una trasparente che uso anche per le lasagne) e versate il composto.
  5. Tagliate le fragole a pezzetti ed adagiatele sul composto, schiacciadole poi leggermente con i vostri polpastrelli (devono essere visibili).
  6. Cuocere in forno, preriscaldato, a 160° per circa 30/40 minuti (a seconda del tipo di forno i tempi variano).
  7. Sfornate e lasciate riposare completamente. Una volta raffredata, tagliate a quadrotti.
  8. Buon appetito a voi

P.S. Io aggiungo sempre una nocina di panna montata (che fa la differenza)


Recensione Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

Ciao a tutte ragazze.

La recensione di oggi è dedicata a uno degli aspetti piu’ importanti del nostro viso: le sopracciglia, cornice da sempre del nostro sguardo. Oggi vi mostrero’ infatti la matita per soppracciglia Goof Proof Brow Pencil di Benefit.

Il prodotto in questione e’ una matita che promette di regalare alle vostre soppracciglia un riempimento e una tenuta di 12 ore, dotata di scovolino per sfumare il prodotto e all’altra estremita’ di una mina retraibile. Insomma, un prodotto indispensabile nella vostra beauty bag 😉


Questa matita dal packaging ultra sfizioso, presenta 0,34g di prodotto ad un prezzo di 29,00. Le colorazioni che potrete trovare sono sei: 01 Light, 02 Light, 03 Medium, 04 Medium, 05 Deep, 06 Deep. Personalmente ho testato la numero 04 Medium che si addice perfettamente al castano scuro delle mie soppracciglia.

Per quanto riguarda la mia opinione, e’ del tutto positiva: da promuovere sono l’effettiva lunga tenuta ela colorazione molto naturale. Cosa che mi sorprende perche’ non sono mai riuscita a trivare una colorazione che mi donasse. Altra cosa da premiare e’ la scorrevolezza e morbidezza della matita che, fino adesso non ho avuto bisogno di “scaldare” prima dell’utilizzo.

Personalmente utilizzo piu’ la matita per dare una definizione alle soppracciglie e riempire la parte finale della mia arcata sopraccigliare. Qua sotto vi mostro il pennellino con il quale vado poi a sfumare e pettinare il tutto.


Girls, qua sotto vi mostro lo swatch.


Come potrete notare la mina consente di ottenere un tratto preciso ed omogeneo, piu’ o meno marcato. Infatti, la punta triangolare permette di riempire velocemente le soppracciglia con la parte piu’ spessa, mentre con quella sottile si possono andare a definire i singoli peletti.


Packaging – 4
Durata – 5 (eccellente)
Comodita’ di applicazione – 5 (anche per le “imbranatine” come me)
Pigmentazione – 4
Voto finale: Four-half-stars for Brent Weeks