Herrings Green Farm

We’ve finally visited Herrings Green Farm and the all experience was lovely for a day out with the family surrounded by nature. It’s visible that all the animals are happy and well looked after too.

There are lots of different birds, geese to alpacas, donkeys, ponies, goats, sheep and chicken. Included in the ticket is a bag of feed – it was a lovely experience to feed the animals from our hands and this teaches to our little one such a lovely lessons: to take care of these animals and give love.

They have an outdoor play section with picnic tables a little slide and a vintage fire engine and tractor for kids to take photos and experience them.

At the entrance you can find a the farm shop where you can buy fresh veggies (they have an amazing variety) and there are a few wash basins where you can wash your hands if you want to pet the animals.

Overall we absolutely loved this farm and on their website there are lots of activities and gifts that you can choose from: being an adult zoo keeper for a day, spending an evening at the farm, family animal bubble, goat walking & more… Please tag me over on Instagram if you decide to go.