Pixi Beauty Get Ready to Go and Glow

Pixi has a history of 20 years and yet they are still an independent and family-owned brand. I absolutely love their products as they’re made using the best quality products for all ages at an affordable price.

Today I want to share with you the Summer must-haves for your most radiant glow yet (I mean what a great combo – tan and glow 😍).

The first product is the summer Glow Palette. Oh my, this palette has the most beautiful silky-smooth shadows, both with a matte & glowing finish. Perfect to achieve a sin-kissed and sheer glow. You can shop it here at £ 14.40.

The Large Lash Mascara is something I really need to try as I am always on the search for the perfect mascara (I am not really luck with my eyelashes, even though at the mom I found the Maybelline Mascara Lash Sensational is doing a good job).

This mascara with an oversize brush, has been defined as a do-it-all mascara that delivers extreme volume and intense colour with a smudge-proof finish, ideal to enjoy any summertime activity! You can find it here, at £ 9.33

Ready for a fuss free and flawless in a flash makeup? So here we have two infused with Green Tea and Chamomile shadow sticks, in the shades “copper glaze” and “matte cocoa”. What I love about these products is that they’re paraben-free and they’re simply to swipe and blend, which is a plus especially when on holiday and want to avoid carrying lots of brushes and keep your travel bag minimal. You can find this product here at £ 12.00

Last but not least, the Liplift Max. This “Sweet Nectar” lipgloss is one of the Pixi best-selling, perfect to enhance your lips with an infusion of peptides to plump, Jojoba to moisturize, Aloe to heal and Chamomile to soothe. You can simply wear the lip plumping gloss alone or over your favourite lip colour. You can find it here at £ 9.60

Let me know what are you favourite Pixi Beauty products and don’t forget to share your GLOWING secrets!

Sara x


NEW Vitamin-C Pixi Beauty Skintreats

I am so excited for the release of the new Pixi Skintreats collection. This time Petra decided to create 5 vitamin C products that will help to energize our skin while protecting it thanks to their ingredients.

As you can see from the pictures the 5 products of this edition are:

  1. Vitamin-C Tonic its potent antioxidant ingredients will promote healthy collagen production and it will boost your skin luminosity (£ 10.00)
  2. Vitamin-C Serum: this is one of the fave product of this range (I will mention my fave at the end). It helps to brighten your skin and boost collagen. The Ferulic Acid will protect your skin while its Probiotics will help to strengthen and act as protection from free radicals. Well, know we all know why is the most loved 😊
  3. Vitamin-C Lotion: After using a serum or essence it is recommended to use a lotion all over the neck and face, and this in particular helps to give your skin a super hydrated and glowing feeling (£ 24.00)
  4. Vitamin-C Caviar Balm: This mask absolutely got my attention because of its name “caviar balm” (I have to be honest). It is suggested to use this leave on mask 2-3 times per week, and you can opt for leaving it on until it soak in or rinse it off. It promises to promote healthy collagen production, to protect and boost the luminosity and clarity of your skin (£ 24.00)
Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser

5) Last but not least product, my favorite one: the Vitamin-C Juice Cleanser. This product is a gentle morning cleanse with a beautiful scents. A perfect mix of orange flower water, vitamin C, Ferulic and Ascorbic acid. I found the press-pump so cool and I love the fact that it allows me to pump the product directly onto the pad without wasting any products. I usually apply it over my face for daily skin cleansing, without need of rinsing it (£ 18.00)

As I always say to my friends I would recommend to insert one or two products of this range in your daily skincare to see the improvements that your skin can have.

What are you waiting, take your dose of Vitamin C and let me know what you think of Pixi Beauty ❤️🍋