Lonely mums: an app for beating this feeling

Hello there . I just want to tell you that I perfectly know how you feel. I have been through this for quite a long time after giving birth to my loved daughter. Not only a new life as a mum, but moving from Scotland to England and adapting to a new life and a new body was something really difficult, that had an impact on who I was before.

I have never had problems of socialising and having friends (before I had Sophie I was attending University in Scotland where I used to take part to lots of social and touristic events and making friends was not a problem at all, and probably this is why I have suffered a lot after becoming a mum and becoming a new version of myself).

But instead of falling in this tedious abyss, known as loneliness, I decided to overcome this feeling and this is why today I want to share you my experience with Peanut regarding how I did this (please bear in mind that this is something I really experienced on myself and is not sponsorship – I like to highlight this).

Credit: Peanut Website

Peanut App

I will make you laugh, but this is considered the Tinder for mums, same concept of swiping up and down, but without blokes asking for casual sex (or at least this didn’t happened to me on this app, lol 🤣).

I have to be honest I never thought I would ever use something like this, but I did after finding this app on my app store looking for only God knows what. I mean the old me thought that mums meet at playgrounds or school events. But only once you’re in you realise how tough is to find friends with things in common than the age of your kids.

So I started to use this app, and eventually, I did make several connections and some shorts and interesting chatting. After few connections, I finally went on my first mum date. Have to admit that the fist one wasn’t nothing special and probably this is because I wasn’t mentally and physically there, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot keep trying (actually, you have to!).

I went out with other mums and I was surprised at how nervous I was when this moment finally came. I packed a few good snacks and stickers to share (that the kids ended up loving). After a few awkward introductions, we ended up having a wonderful time getting to know each other and having our toddlers playing at the park.

If there is something I learnt from my experience is that you never give up.

How I feel now?! Less lonely and more positive and determined to know more mums and I’ve actually got a few other ladies I’m trying to find time to meet (work and life permitting) and it feels so good to be putting myself out there – all of this by using a free app. I know that lots of you out there never imagined having to find friends in this way, but hey, it’s 2020, and I am personally grateful, especially after this lockdown, to use this app and meeting some cool mums.

I really hope that my experience can help other mums out there.

Go on Peanut, give it a try and have fun swiping!

Lots of love, Sara.