TOP TIPS for dealing with baby ECZEMA and dry skin (Our experience)

Sophie and I

Hello mum, my name is Sara and our Baby Eczema experience started when Sophie, my little girl had only 3 months. Her head, back and arms were in such a poor conditions, and thinking of it right now just melts my heart. I remember putting on little scratch mitts or socks in order to avoid her scratching so deep on her skin. I have to say that my husband and I have never suffered of this condition so I wasn’t really prepared but after lots of doctors, blogs, articles and various products purchased I want to help out someone who is in our same position. I also want to clarify that there are no sponsored items, but they’re truly great tips that worked brilliant on Sophie, not only when She was a baby but also now as a toddler (She’s 21 months old and sometimes Eczema in back, YAYYY)

I feel like I won’t tell you all the stuff that you can read on different blogs, where they explain all the technical details with regard to what is Baby Eczema. First of all I want to recommend you this TRIDERM oleated bath for sensitive and intolerant skin by Bionike.

This product was recommend to us from dermatologist and it’s fantastic. It contains the allergen free fragrance and you just need to use a few drops in the bath or used directly on skin. There are also other products of this range suitable for little babies. I leave you the direct link, since I use to buy it online because sadly it’s not available in any physical market here in England. Here’s the link

Another product that I feel to recommend to you is the “Burt’s Bees Baby” nourishing baby oil.

This product has the same lovely and gentle honey smell and is the perfect after bath, I usually massage all her body with this and it’s both efficient to moisturizer and relax my little one, in fact after this massage she fall asleep. This product is available in Boots, Amazone Store and many other shops.

Unfortunately other brands like Oilatum and Aveeno were not successful in our case, like other products prescribed by our GP, and this is probably due to the fact that each child is unique and has individual likes and needs.

Now I will list some of the most relevant steps you can take for dealing with Baby and Toddler Eczema and dry skin

Keep nails short

This is extremely important to do, (perhaps when they sleep so it’s easier for you) since babies and toddlers will scratch the sore areas, thus making the situation even worse.

Use of little socks or cotton mittens

If your little one is scratching at night is fundamental to put on mittens or socks. In my case I’ve used lot of times socks because they were more difficult for her to remove.

Keep your baby cool

Sweat irritates the skin. Keeping your baby’s room at a reasonable temperature (not too hot, not too cold) and using baby sleeping bags at night time instead of putting the heating on is another tip to minimize sweating.

Avoid hot and frequent baths

I know it’s hard to think about bathing less your little one, but it seriously can help. This one was actually a tip from our GP. It was really tough because I like to see everything perfectly clean, but water, in these cases, can dry out their skin, so avoiding daily bathing is the best thing. Absolutely use warm water instead of hot. I know it’s hard to think about bathing less your little one, but it seriously can help. This one was actually a tip from our GP. It was really tough because I like to see everything perfectly clean, toddler included 🤣 Ah, last thing always remember to keep the skin moisturized.

Be careful with the washing powders

Another recommendation from our GP was to use non-bio versions for children’s clothes. We also avoid the use of fabric softener and that helped too.

If you want to know more or to share your experience with me, feel free to contact me on Instagram as @unamammainuk :


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