Free beach at Frosts Garden Centre, Willington, Bedfordshire

Ok, we’ve literally discover our new favourite place and also daddy loved it. Here at the Frosts garden you can find this lovely large sandpit called “The Beach”. Don’t worry if you forget toys and “tools” because they provide looooots of buckets and spades. There are also quite a few colourful Little Tikes cars for your little one to drive around. In addition to that there are also some soft play shapes to sit on or even to try to carry around, like my little one tried to do without success (not sure why but She always tries to carry heavy things around.. Ooohm) The nice thing is that all activities are free without need of booking.

There are several picnic benches around, where you can enjoy a coffee like me in the picture. And there is also a mini golf area. Basically everything you need to have a lovely day with your kids. The kiosk is lovely too and prices are good. I would definitely recommend to visit (when it’s not raining or perhaps a bit chilled).

I will post down below other pictures of our lovely family day at Frosts Garden centre.



  1. coolclosets says:

    una esperienza importante sia come donna che come madre
    credo sia una fonte di crescita anche per i figli


  2. lucy7007 says:

    la trovo un’idea magnifica, una spiaggia creata ad arte per i più piccoli, per giocare ed essere a contatto con gli altri bimbi


  3. Esmeralda says:

    Sembra un parco giochi! Bellissima idea. Avrebbe un grande successo anche qui da noi.


  4. Valentina says:

    Mi sembra una grande idea creare questa spiaggia di sabbia per i giochi dei bambini.


  5. Marlene says:

    In mancanza di spiagge vere credo sia stata un’ottima idea allestire questo parco a tema “spiaggia”. Immagino sia molto divertente anche per i bambini.


  6. Kiki Tales says:

    Mi piace tantissimo questa idea! Non ne ero a conoscenza :O


  7. Davvero interessante come posto, soprattutto per i più piccini


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